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Marco D’Antonio Sales Representative

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  • 3276 Walker Rd, Windsor, ON N8W 3R8

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Marco D’Antonio has spent over half of his 50 years in the Real Estate business and has seen the many market changes throughout the 80s, 90s, 00s, and now moving into the 10s.

But as he creeps up to 30 years of Real Estate sales, Marco is far from burnt out. He remains active in the community – playing soccer three times a week, bowling, and golfing – and really enjoys getting to know people on a personal level.

I meet most of my clients outside of a professional setting. “I like to get out there and meet new people regardless of whether business will come from it or not.”

After finishing a program at St. Clair College that included two years in media and advertising, Marco wrote his real estate exam and began working with Valente at just 23 years of age. “I’ve always thought of the relationship with my broker as a marriage,” says Marco. “You have to work through the ups and downs, but when it’s a good fit, there is no need to go anywhere else. I pride myself on having a strong foundation and longevity in my real estate career.”

As a real estate agent, taking on the trusted task of buying or selling a homeowner’s most prized possession is a challenging and detailed process. For Marco D’Antonio, this has come with ease.

When the business does come, Marco makes every buyer and seller his top priority.

His hands-on approach to real estate means that clients can talk to him directly anytime they need to. They can feel secure that their real estate needs will be looked after.

“Buying and selling a home can be a very emotional process and it can be easy to throw logic and caution out the window, Marco relates.” I try to be there for my clients as much as possible and put their best interests above all else.” When selling a home, Marco makes it a priority to be there from the start to finish. “I don’t just put a sign on the front lawn and wait for someone to call. I work with clients on staging so that their home is in the best sellable condition. Also market the property extensively while closely monitoring the activity to prevent the listing from going stale.”

Marco continues: “I try to coach and educate the buyer so they can choose what is good for them and make an informed and educated decision as opposed to me telling them what home to purchase. It’s as exciting for me as it is for the buyer when they find the right home. I feel the same joy and happiness they feel, and to me, that is success.”

Marco believes that the support of fellow agents is also the key to success

“It’s important for me to have a positive rapport with my co-workers and competitors. Many of my competitors have become good friends over the years and I look forward to working with them time and time again. Having a good working relationship with realtors from other companies can make it beneficial in the end for my buyers/sellers.”

Recently, Marco worked with Bill Hess of Vision Realty. An agent who has been in the business for 10 years and is an active board member for the Windsor Essex-County Real Estate Board.

“Marco and I worked on a deal recently and he was a pleasure to work with,” says Hess. “He understood my job representing the buyers and we were able to successfully make the deal work for both parties. There were a few unexpected hiccups along the way, and Marco handled everything very professionally. There are not too many realtors who would have been able to put that deal together. He is an extremely top notch agent, and I look forward to working with him again.”

Clients love working with Marco and his great personality. His colleagues refer to him as a compassionate agent who really cares about his clients, and he always remains a consistent top producer year after year.

I really feel blessed and thankful, that this profession has not only enabled me to be successful but also has allowed me to be involved in some families’ most important life decisions.

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