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Windsor has been in a sellers market for the past few years. This has created a lot of opportunity for both buyers and sellers alike. For the buying end, there has been more newer build homes that have been built in a number of communities, like Belle River, Tecumseh, East Windsor, Kingsville and LaSalle. For sellers, the advantage is a higher selling price due to current market conditions. When it comes to buying and selling, your number one advantage is an experienced real estate agent that can help you navigate the market and give you qualified advice to make an informed decision.

The Windsor Housing Market is Still on the Rise

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Times are challenging with the current sellers market in Windsor, Ontario. If you need some help navigating the market with an experienced real estate sales representative. I have spent over 30 years helping my clients get the full value potential of their property. Experience makes a difference when it comes to negotiating a selling price, don’t leave money on the table. Give me a call and we can talk about your options.

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Get advice on how to improve the value of your home before you show it to potential buyers. Marco will give you all the tips on how to maximize the value of your house.

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Marco has over 30 years experience in the Windsor Essex County region. Not only will your house be priced properly, but decrease the amount of time it is on the market. Enabling you to find your next house sooner.

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Sit back as Marco takes the time to contact his network of buyers to ensure you get the best bang for your buck when selling. This market has been heating up and now is the time to sell!

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