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Windsor Flood, Tecumseh Flood 2016

If you were in Windsor or Tecumseh on September 29, 2016 you would have witnessed a record rainfall of 91 mm (reported from Windsor Airport). Tecumseh received more than 190 mm of rainfall from the same storm system. Both Windsor and Tecumseh declared a state of emergency due to the unforeseen circumstances of mass flooding of streets, parking lots, hundreds of homes and busy roadways. There are plenty of neighbourhood streets that were flooded to the point of residents choosing a boat or floating swan as their preferred method of travel down the block.


Many local residents of Windsor-Essex County are faced with floods in their basement. I feel for every home, personally for this frustration and devastation. If you were inundated with floods from clean water, there is a form of relief!

Ontario Disaster Recovery Assistance Program

The Ontario Government launched a program in August of 2015 called the Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians. The focus of this program is to offer financial assistance to residents that have been affected by a natural disaster.

Windsor, ON and Tecumseh, ON have not been listed yet, however, it is worth keeping an eye on this site (Active Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians Programs)for when the program becomes active and the website has been updated.

If you are looking for updated answers, whether Windsor or Tecumseh will be a part of the program, feel free to call 1-844-780-8925

Here are the guidelines for the program: Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians Guidelines

While you wait for information updates from the program listed above, there is an alternative from the City of Windsor available.

Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program (BFP)

The City of Windsor enacted a program on May 3, 2011 offering financial subsidy for installation of a sump pump with sump pump overflow and/or backwater valve(s) and/or disconnect foundation drains from the floor drain. More information and fine print is available here on the City of Windsor website

This is a city wide program and the eligible subsidy limits are as follows: ($2,800 limit per home/unit)

  • Install backwater valve(s) – licensed plumber required – Up to 80% of cost with a $1,000 maximum
  • Install sump pump with sump pump overflow and disconnect foundation drains to floor drains – Up to 80 percent of cost, ($1,750 maximum)
  • Install only sump pump overflow to discharge outside to surface (applies to existing sump pumps only) – Up to 80 percent of cost, ($300 maximum)
  • Install backwater valve and sump pump with sump pump overflow – Up to 80 percent of cost, ($2,800 maximum)
  • Disconnect foundation drains from floor drain and/or dye testing and camera work as required – Up to 80 percent of cost, ($400 maximum)

The program does not cover replacing an existing sump pump, upgrading a sump pump, adding an additional sump pump, installing a sump pump when the foundation drains are already separated from the floor drain or sanitary sewer or work performed for which a permit cannot be obtained.

If you have any questions regarding a licensed plumber performing these tasks, call the city licensing department at 519-255-6200

Application for Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program – Download

The Town of Tecumseh has encouraged residents to fill out this survey to track local damage due to the flooding.

If you are going to start working on your basement, be sure to take plenty of pictures of the damage, any items that will be discarded or that have been destroyed. This will allow any insurance adjusters or financial assistance programs to compile a complete documentation of the flood that effected your residence.

If you are looking for some answers on how to proceed after experiencing a flood. Here is a decent resource for what to do after a flood. Be safe, don’t risk your safety or health to clean up the mess. If necessary, hire a professional to clean up or remove the damaged portions of the basement.