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Moving Checklist After You Sell

Everyone moves at sometime in their life. Whether it be to a new neighbourhood for easier access to schools or work, going to college or university or potentially upgrading or downsizing to a different layout. The most important thing to consider is what you should do when you move. The following is not a complete list of what to do, but it is a good start at simplifying the process of what to do after you sell your house.

Once you sell your home, ensure you change your addresses to some of the following organizations:

  • Banks
  • Canada Revenue Agency
  • Insurance Companies
  • Life Insurance Companies
  • Pension Plans
  • Stock Portfolios
  • Utilities (Electricity & Natural Gas)
  • Credit Cards
  • Points/Rewards Cards
  • Costco Membership
  • Car Lease/Finance
  • College/University Alumni
  • Drivers License & Health Card
  • Cellular Phone
  • OSAP
  • Canada Pension Plan or Old Age Security
  • Employment Insurance
  • Schools
  • Employers
  • Doctors, Dentists and other professionals
  • Cable/Satellite, Phone & Internet provider

The Government of Canada provides a list, along with links to assist with updating your address – Changing your Address

Moving doesn’t have to be a struggle, and I hope that this list will make life a little bit easier in the hustle and bustle of your transition to your new home.

DOWNLOAD a change of address form to fill out and print for your convenience.